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In Love

So, pretty much I am in love with some of the blogs I read.  They make me laugh, cry, and have an outpoor of unneccessary emotions for people I don’t know.  Kind of like watching one of those damn movies, except these people are REAL.  So hurray for you all, you make me smile. 

Next, I HAVE THE WEEKEND TO MYSELF. yyyaaayyy…  That means that I get some serious yard saling  and cleaning done.  Attempting to organize my life before I move to VA and drag Fate into my craziness.  Really though it looks like my closet threw up and then shook the whole room, I had a pile of clothes to give away and they are now mixed in with my other clothes… Yea I’m a mess.

To whom it may concern,

please make my day speady.



In other news…

  • 50 lbs down 50 lbs to go
  • Money stresses me out
  • I received my grant from VA which stressed me out even more
  • I miss luba like crazy
  • My hot pink eagles track jacket has made me smile since I put it on


Luba, my best friend got to lavish in goodfriends, and goodfood at her farewell dinner the other night.  We showered her with laughter, beer, and the Pope room at Buca Di Beppo.  Goodluck In Afghanistan Luba… I love you, and I will see you when you return.  CPL Luba is my scrappy lil female marine, and I lub her!


 In other news…

  • I feel like my cold is never ending
  •  I have been accepted to my new school
  • I had my final fitting done for the besties wedding
  • I have seen my Fate in a short lived but well worth it trip
  • I can’t seem to find any pants that fit in my closet not a bad thing


Stepping Out

I believe it’s time to make my transition into the blogging community!   I am always reading other blogs, mostly military wives, looking for tips and pointers on blogging and life.  I’m super excited to start and will shortly, when not at work, continue on my posts.  This will I am hoping be a reflection of my journey into military life, I am currently just a girlfriend but am diving in full force in order to support Fate!